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2647 Milwaukee St. Madison, WI


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Women's Haircut     

Men's Haircut      

Baby/Toddler Haircut

Child's Haircut

Teen's Haircut

Bang Design




New Growth Retouch

Full Head Haircolor

Partial Head Highlights

Full Head Highlights

Haircolor + Partial Head Highlights

Corrective Color / Speciality Color

Additional Color(s) / Long Hair



Ginkgo Hair Treatment

With USDA organic Ginkgo leaf extract, this treatment activates the circulation and nourishes the hair to restore hair smoothness and moisture.

                                    ~with hair service

White Tea Hair Treatment

With ECOCERT organic white tea extract, this treatment provides excellent antioxidants and it's deep repairing benefits restore hair strength and elasticity.

                                    ~with hair service

Olaplex Repair Treatment

                                    ~with hair service


Eyebrow Wax

Lip Wax

Chin Wax





























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Our Commitment:


A Healthier Salon Experience


We use only professional organic hair products with our services!


We offer haircolor and texture lines that strive to use safer chemicals and organic ingredients,  giving you amazing results without the damage to your hair or your health!


100% Ammonia-Free


* Consulation Required. Corrective Color results cannot be guaranteed.

Image Credit: Hilton Bell with Organic Color Systems



In helping you find a natural hairstyle or haircolor that works for you and your lifestyle!